Partners & Collaborators

Diagonal Bio is involved in several semi-academic collaborative projects in the field of medicine and biotechnology with global players, where the Company’s platform is used for the development of its diagnostic platform for mass testing of pathogens.

Diagonal collaborates with Lund University and Karolinska Institutet in research and development. Together, the Company and Lund University also have a grant application. In this pipeline project, molecular “beacons” – specific fluorescent signal molecules – are used to detect single virus particles with extreme sensitivity in, for example, patient samples.

In addition to the above collaborations, Diagonal also has advisory collaborations with, among others, SciLifeLabs, the advisor Vincent Pelechano’s laboratory at Karolinska Institutet (“KI”). The company also collaborates with Micronit Microfluids regarding, among other things, industrial design and scaling up. SciLifeLabs and the company Eiken, which owns the first patents on LAMP technology, are all involved in the initial phase of the manufacturing of Panviral.