Diagonal Bio is developing a diagnostic platform for ultra-rapid, parallel, accurate and cost-efficient detection of any kind of pathogen – Panviral.
Panviral provides major benefits for the healthcare system. The small size, extreme ease-of-use, parallelity, limited pre-treatment time and low cost of the platform means that a reliable diagnostic test can be carried out at the point-of-care, without the need to send samples to a central lab.

With Panviral, correct and highly accurate diagnoses is achieved at a fraction of the cost, time and expertise required by current methods, such as PCR. The speed, mobility, parallelisation and ease-of-use also mean – for the current pandemic as well as for future needs – that testing facilities can be set up basically anywhere.

Despite its considerable strengths, the Panviral device is highly portable and easy to use.

Multiple tests can be run in parallel, thereby significantly increasing the sample throughput. Tailor-made diagnostic cocktails enable simultaneous testing for related and hard-to-distinguish diseases – all from the same patient sample. Consequently, the Panviral technology is easily scalable and lends itself perfectly to automated high-throughput screening of virtually any type of pathogen.

Panviral’s technology is based on rapid isothermal amplification of a pathogen’s genome. The reaction is tracked in real-time, for an ultra-rapid and quantitative result. Test progress is monitored using a proprietary and patent-pending electrochemical sensing method.