Core Team

Jack Egelund Madsen


Per Heander


Andreas Nyberg


Jae Yen Shin

Scientific Project Lead

Roberto Munita

Research Scientist

Kushagr Punyani

Tech Advisor

Stefan Magnusson

QA / RA Manager

Mahnaz Basimfar

RA Specialist (PRRC)

Jonas Waltersson

Interim QA / RA Manager

Roger Moe

QA Specialist


Vicent Pelechano

Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute

A researcher of prominence in the field of genomics, Vicent is currently paving the way for rapid viral diagnostic testing during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. He obtained a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Valencia, Spain. He next joined the Genome Biology Unit at EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, and was appointed Staff Scientist there in 2012, exploring mRNA metabolism. Vicent was recently appointed Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute and is a SciLifeLab and Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

Christelle Prinz

Professor, Lund University

Recipient of the prestigious European Research Council’s 2015 Consolidator Grant, Christelle is an interdisplinary scientist at NanoLund. Physicist by training, her applied research in biology exploits cutting edge techniques including super resolution microscopy, metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy, flow cytometry, focusing on nanowire based sensors for mechnosensing and biosensing, and nano-tools for cargo delivery in living cells. She is also active in the areas of toxicology of nanomaterials.

Tautgirdas Ruzgas

Professor, Malmö University

A renowned scientist in analytical chemistry, Taut is an expert in electrochemistry, impedance spectroscopy and biosensors. He also serves as the
Research Coordinator of several projects at Dept of Biomedical Sciences, Malmö University. Besides his active involvement in R&D of industrial significance, his research also focuses on development of RFID sensors for non-invasive sensing, monitoring of drug delivery, and woundcare, and has been working on creating in-vitro models of inflammation.