Rapid Diagnostics for Multi-pathogen detection with High Precision.

In brief

Panviral detects genetic materials in real time with high accuracy and sensitivity using a simple, one-step assay.

Rapid, easiest to use, multi-channel precision system for the USD 34B infectious disease testing market.

Electrochemical sensors +
Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification

  • In line with PCR (global gold standard)
  • 70% cheaper
  • Highest reliability and accuracy
  • Easy to add new mutations / pathogens
  • No sample processing

  • Quick

  • Stable temperature

  • DNA & RNA

  • Easy to use & customize

  • Low cost & commercialized

The innovation

Solid in-house IP based on making the LAMP technology faster and more useful for the market.

Tailored regional-specific panels

Creating panels that can be used for specific diseases – for example possibly combining bacterial pneumonia, covid-19, seasonal flu and fungal infections within 15 minutes.

State-of-the-art outbreak system

Rapid, most scalable mass-testing device for identification of infectious disease pathogens and thus hindering the outbreaks of pandemics.

Monitoring of disease & treatment

Disease and treatment monitoring – based on the real-time capabilities of Panviral, we’re able to validate treatment.