Two product families

Identifying genetic markers is currently reliant on large, complex, and costly centralized laboratories, in addition to complicated logistics solutions for transporting samples from the initial sampling site to the actual laboratory where the analysis is performed – whether in research laboratories, diagnosing infectious diseases in humans, finding bacteria in food, or testing for genetic markers in crops and animals.

Product families

Diagonal Bio develops two product families based on the patent-protected platform technology, LAMPlify® and PANVIRAL™. LAMPlify® is designed for the less regulated market segments as a customized system for general laboratory use and PANVIRAL™ is tailored for the in vitro diagnostic market segments where there is the potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it today and radically improve the fight against the spread of infectious diseases. PANVIRAL™ can be adapted to detect all types of infectious diseases, enabling fast, accurate and cost-effective diagnosis of several infectious diseases in parallel, within 10-15 minutes, at the “Point-of-Care”.

Revolutionary platform technology

Diagonal Bio’s pioneering universal platform technology could mean the end of today’s difficult trade-offs between speed, ease of use, accuracy and cost to identify genetic markers (DNA and RNA), from all organisms (humans, plants, animals, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.). This by eliminating the need for centralized laboratory tests that require costly and complicated logistics for the delivery of samples. The company’s products have a unique ability to detect up to eight genetic markers or up to eight samples in parallel, with the same accuracy as today’s costly and complicated PCR techniques.