More than 70% of healthcare decisions are driven by diagnostic testing1. A fast and accurate diagnosis means physicians can make early and correct treatment decisions, delivering potentially life-saving treatments to patients.

Diagonal Bio’s plan is to develop PANVIRAL™ as a universal in vitro diagnostic system to address this critical need in healthcare. PANVIRAL™ is designed to provide quick and accurate diagnoses, facilitating early and correct diagnoses and treatment decisions. This can shorten the course of the disease and save lives.

The need for fast, accurate point of care diagnosis

PANVIRAL™ offers the potential for rapid and accurate point-of-care diagnoses in various settings – from a doctor’s office to surgery, in mobile clinics, at hospital bedsides, and even in commercial environments like workplaces and airports. It can deliver near-patient diagnostic results for a wide range of infectious diseases within 10-15 minutes, comparable to PCR-based techniques. A single patient can be tested for up to eight different infectious diseases simultaneously, or alternatively, up to eight patients can be tested for the same disease in parallel.

To launch PANVIRAL™, it will need to obtain CE marking according to EU-IVDR and/or US-FDA approval. Today’s healthcare systems rely on centralized, complex, and costly laboratories for accurate disease diagnosis. A new era in diagnostics is emerging, bringing testing to the patient2. Quick and accurate point-of-care diagnoses will become possible in various settings, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

PANVIRAL™ makes fast and accurate point of care diagnostics a reality

Historically, point-of-care diagnostic tools for infectious diseases, such as rapid antigen tests, have been low cost and easy to use but highly inaccurate3. testing segment. PANVIRAL™’s patented technology eliminates the need for costly equipment and centralized laboratory testing and can diagnose a wide range of infectious diseases such as respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and antibiotic resistant bacteria.In contrast, PCR-based diagnostic tests, while accurate, are expensive and time-consuming, requiring well-equipped laboratories. PANVIRAL™ aims to break this historical trade-off between speed, ease-of-use, accuracy, and cost in the diagnostics testing segment4. Its patented technology eliminates the need for costly equipment and centralized laboratory testing, enabling the diagnosis of a wide range of infectious diseases, including respiratory tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Compact and highly portable, PANVIRAL™ is ideally suited for diverse point-of-care settings, making fast and accurate diagnostics a reality.”